Michigan: Day Trip

We made a little last minute day trip to Michigan yesterday! In a rare occasion, Rich and I both had a day off with beautiful weather and no plans! Why not spend the whole day in another state.

Happy Easter!

Easter! The day to praise Jesus for all the blessings and the sacrifice he made of him self for the good of humanity until he rose again on the third day.. Yes, I know some religion. I'm also grateful watching my¬†little one be amazed by Easter baskets, snacks galore and some Frozen stickers. Let's not... Continue Reading →

When life gets too tough…

Remember who is watching you. You have a little shadow. She or he feeds off your emotions. They repeat after you both verbally and emotionally. When Grace has an ultrasound to determine if she needs surgery for her kidneys, which often get swollen, I have to become her rock. She'll cry and cry because she... Continue Reading →

Let them be messy

My little one has never been one for messes. She's always helped up put away dirty clothes, sort the laundry, throwing away her own garbage and waiting for us to wipe her hands if something is on them. She's ideal, right? What toddler loves to clean? Yesterday, we went outside to take our Brand Rep... Continue Reading →

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