Happy 4th of July!

Happy Fourth of July from the Campos family and MissGraceMC.com !   Keep an eye out soon for our Tennessee post soon! It was such a long and amazing trip, we might have to break it into two posts! Featured outfit: Headband and dog bandanas: Target, Romper: Lullababy Wear, Red Moccasins: Duke and Duchess Boutique

Helloooo Portland, Oregon

Can I just start off by saying the drive between Seattle and Portland is amazing! There is an amazing views of lakes, mountains and wildlife. It was so hard to NOT stop at every nature sign we saw, mostly because it would be hard on Grace getting in and out of the car so much.... Continue Reading →

Dear baby, I’m tired..

Dear my littlest princess, I am sorry the iPad babysat you today. It's been a busy "summer" already, though really it's just began. I'm sorry I let you watch Trolls, Frozen AND Paw Patrol until the iPad lost all it's battery so that I can lay there on the couch with my eyes barely open.... Continue Reading →

Conquering Seattle Washington

Seattle was so beautiful! I wish we could have explored more outside of Seattle because Washington is so majestic looking with all the beautiful nature and mountains galore. I would love to go back and do hiking and check out waterfalls on the way. I will have to add our trip to see Mount St. Helens on the Portland post, though technically it was in Washington.

IOWA: More than meets the eye

Overall, the trip was a really cool experience. I was asked and told by many people "what the heck is in Iowa" or that there is nothing but cows and corn. Well, there are a lot of cows and corn, but sometimes you just need to stop and admire the natural beauty each state has to offer. You feel so small driving along narrow and hilly country roads or standing next to the great Mississippi River. There is so much splendor in things people take for granted! So stop and smell the corn!

Michigan: Day Trip

We made a little last minute day trip to Michigan yesterday! In a rare occasion, Rich and I both had a day off with beautiful weather and no plans! Why not spend the whole day in another state.

Happy Easter!

Easter! The day to praise Jesus for all the blessings and the sacrifice he made of him self for the good of humanity until he rose again on the third day.. Yes, I know some religion. I'm also grateful watching my¬†little one be amazed by Easter baskets, snacks galore and some Frozen stickers. Let's not... Continue Reading →

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