Shop small: Our favorite shops

Hi, guys! Sorry it has been so hectic that I have not been on for awhile! Grace has been on and off sick and I’ve been soaking up all of her baby snuggles.

We are huge supporters of small shops (and yes, some big shops!) Grace has been a brand rep for several shops since before she was one. I want to list some of our favorites we have kept in our wardrobe over the years and for many years to come hopefully!

Liv Rich Boutique

Tee: Perfectly Sparkled, Skirt: Liv Rich Boutique

Originally named something else, LyTysha’s shop LivRichBoutique was our first to rep for! She has an amazing selection of fabrics for skirts, dresses, bibdanas and head wraps. She does a lot of pre-orders for some gorgeous fabrics and sews everything herself. Use code GRACE15.

Lullababy Wear

Bow: BowmaniaMadness, Tee: Lullababy Wear

Leslie’s shop Lullababy Wear is an absolutely awesome shop for shirts and skirts as well! She has some cool designs, some of which she actually draws herself! She has a quick turnaround time and really gets to know her reps. We have been with her shop for a couple of years and she still always comes up with amazing fresh ideas. Use code 15GRACE.

Perfectly Sparkled

Tee: Perfectly Sparkled, Bow & Moccasins: Duke & Duchess Boutique

Samantha’s shop Perfectly Sparkled is amazing for custom items on both Etsy and Instagram! I love to brainstorm new tees with her and she is amazing at getting items out right away. She makes some our favorite custom tees to take on our adventures! Use code SPARKLE15 and mention Grace!

Duke and Duchess Boutique

Moccasins: Grace Collection from Duke & Duchess Boutique

Elissa’s shop is so wonderful and has grown so much since we started rapping for Duke & Duchess Boutique. She used to be our go-to bow shop, but she now also makes moccasins, bandanas for our pups and even some shirts! We were lucky enough to have a collection of purple-schemed moccasins and bows named after Grace in the Grace Collection. Purple is not only Grace’s favorite color, but it also for cleft awareness! Use code TEAM25 for an extra discount.

Sparkle & Prim

Bow: Sparkle & Prim, Tee: Lullababy Wear

Jenny has been such a wonderful shop owner to us! Her shop Sparkle and Prim specializes in bows (especially flower crowns!) and tees for both baby and moms! Are you a Starbucks addict? There’s a tee for that. Do you have a tiny rebel on your hands? There’s a tee for that. She makes the most beautiful custom flower crowns as well, one of which she made Moana themed for our Hawaii trip! I cannot wait to photograph it on a beach in Maui.


There you have it! We have so many amazing shops we have bought from, but here are our top five! We have met some many amazing small shop owners over the last couple years that I feel lucky to think of them as part of my tribe.

Love, Veronica & Grace

(Cover photo: Cutie Pie tee from Lullababy Wear with code 15GRACE)

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