Home Sweet Indiana

Have we told you about the state we get to call home? I was born and raised in Northwest Indiana, about 40 minutes southeast of Chicago. When I left my parents home, I went to college in lower Indiana ( Indiana Hoosier for life!) Despite having moved around A LOT the next 10 years, including living in South Bend, Ind. and Chicago, my husband and I have decided to make Indiana permanent. Our families are here. Grace was brought home in this house, played with her dogs in the house, we know our neighbors, etc. This is home.


Grace hasn’t explored much of Indiana outside of the Northwest area we live in. She’s explored some of Indianapolis, the state capitol. I hope to take her to Bloomington someday because it is seriously an amazingly beautiful place. The IU campus alone is one of my favorite places in the world (and if you’re in the area, Oliver Winery is my 2nd favorite place in Bloomington.) I also hope to take her to South Bend. The Notre Dame campus is so cool, and fall on all of the campuses is amazing!

Here in Northwest Indiana, we tend to spend most of our days in the yard, taking pictures, riding in her cars/wagons and even started to ride on our bikes (with Grace hooked up in the bike carrier.) This was definitely the best choice for us as a family.


If you’re ever in the area, feel free to message us on here or on Instagram!

Love, Veronica & Grace

Featured picture: Bow: Sparkle and Prim, Harem leggings & bibdana, “Falling Leaves” by Liv Rich Boutique (Code GRACE15)

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