Helloooo Portland, Oregon

Can I just start off by saying the drive between Seattle and Portland is amazing! There is an amazing views of lakes, mountains and wildlife. It was so hard to NOT stop at every nature sign we saw, mostly because it would be hard on Grace getting in and out of the car so much. We DID however stop at the Mount St. Helens visitor center, which had a beautiful trail and a picture perfect view of the mountain [though believe me, the lighting was not the best and often ended up washed out 😦 ]

Once we got to Portland, we decided to enjoy the very HOT day at the Oregon Zoo in Washington Park. Grace was OBSESSED with their baby polar bear, who was taking a nice little bear nap. We then wanted to go see the Japanese garden and rose garden, but parking NOT on a steep hill or anywhere within a mile radius (it is a VERY big park) was virtually impossible on a busy Sunday afternoon.

I did manage to stop at Voodoo Donut and see some food trucks! I HIGHLY recommend the Captain Crunch donut. WOW it was delicious. Grace was pretty worn out and hungry, so we had pizza for dinner at Sizzle Pie and went to bed a little early for our flight the next day.

I wish we could have had more time in Portland because it’s so beautiful! Grace definitely loved the zoo, but it was so warm, my little one was so overheated. This is EXACTLY why I brought clothes meant for just a bit cooler and warm weather, or I would have been DRENCHED in sweat.

Hope you loved hearing about our adventure! I definitely have a little wild flower child.

Veronica & Grace

Featured outfits: Mommy: Tank: Sparkle and Prim, Baby: Tank: Perfectly Sparkled

Next trip: TENNESSEE (with possible day trips to Georgia and Kentucky!)


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