Dear baby, I’m tired..

Dear my littlest princess,

I am sorry the iPad babysat you today. It’s been a busy “summer” already, though really it’s just began. I’m sorry I let you watch Trolls, Frozen AND Paw Patrol until the iPad lost all it’s battery so that I can lay there on the couch with my eyes barely open. I wish I didn’t have to work so much, and daddy does to, because I we want to do is stay up late with you and sleep in with you. Instead, I don’t get home until late and you are already sleeping.

If it helps, when I cuddle up into bed finally around 2 a.m., I kiss your forehead and give you snuggles just so that you know I am there. I woke you on accident the other night, but you cuddled up next to me and gave me a sweet smile before you passed back out.

I know you are acting out partially because of the “terrible twos” and also because you miss us. I notice when your hugs are longer and you are sad when I have to leave for work. I miss you too. That’s why I plan these trips. Though they can be exhausting, I get to spend uninterrupted days at a time with you. Watching you play and explore. You are why I work instead of just staying home. I want to give you more than just toys and clothes and doctor appointments. I want to give you the thirst to travel, the need for adventure and the knowledge of the bigger world outside of our Indiana borders.

So baby, I am so sorry I am tired. I am sorry the iPad was your babysitter today. I know we only had a few hours before I worked, most of it spent trying to get you to eat and do something of quality together. Every day, I will love you. It’s all for you. It always is and always will be.

Love, Mommy


Outfit feature: Ice cream cone top: Me & Zoey, Ice cream cone bow: Duke and Duchess Boutique, leggings: Cat and Jack (Target), sandals: Walmart

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