IOWA: More than meets the eye

We had the pleasure of going to Iowa City, Iowa to see our amazing cousin and now DOCTOR Jackie graduate from the pharmacy school at the University of Iowa (WOO!) Though my beautiful, but terrible two approaching, toddler would not be able to sit through a college commencement (neither can most adults, so…) so we went exploring! We were just outside Davenport and Muscatine area at Wildcat Den State Park along the Illinois/Iowa border. Behold, the MIGHTY MISSISSIPPI RIVER!

On the way in to Iowa, though we crossed it, we were unable to even view it due to a freak rain storm that flooded the road way a bit (yikes!) and could barely let us see two cars ahead of us.

Anyways, the river is seriously a BEAUTIFUL thing to see. We had a little lunch, threw some pebbles into the river (and by river, I mean sometimes a large puddle because she didn’t know the difference) and walked along the bank just admiring the view.

I had so many options to take her too, but I decided to take her to that park because of the view of the river. I too had never seen the river before despite it being RIGHT there by us.

On the way home, we stopped at the World’s Largest Truck stop on Iowa 80, which you can’t miss, believe me. It was really cool and they even had two semi-trucks INSIDE the building. Grace slept, but I needed some Dairy Queen to crave that sweet tooth.

Overall, the trip was a really cool experience. I was asked and told by many people “what the heck is in Iowa” or that there is nothing but cows and corn. Well, there are a lot of cows and corn, but sometimes you just need to stop and admire the natural beauty each state has to offer. You feel so small driving along narrow and hilly country roads or standing next to the great Mississippi River. There is so much splendor in things people take for granted! So stop and smell the corn!

Iowa √

Veronica and Grace

Featured outfit: Flower crown – Sparkle and Prim, “I’ll like you for always” tee: Moots Clothing, Pink leggings: Cat & Jack (Target)

Taking a break. Love our custom watercolor card from Heart on My Canvas (on Etsy!)
Mommy and Grace near the bank of the Mississippi River.
Just taking in the view.
Just taking in the view.
Love our custom watercolor card from Heart on My Canvas ( )

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