Michigan: Day Trip

We made a little last minute day trip to Michigan yesterday! In a rare occasion, Rich and I both had a day off with beautiful weather and no plans! Why not spend the whole day in another state.

We went to South Haven, full of beaches and a beautiful lighthouse. Grace LOVED their play area, which was completely on the sand. We watched boats come into the small channel by the lighthouse and blew bubbles. We also grabbed some AMAZING ice cream at Sherman Dairy Bar. She held her vanilla “baby” cone (which was huge and she finished surprisingly) so well.

We also explored Van Buren State Park, which has a trail and the coolest covered bridge. We skipped rocks and played in the sand by their small strip of beach. The skyline even at the brightest part of the day was beautiful and made the water look so clear.

This trip really showed me how fast my little one is growing up. She was walking more than ever, just being curious about everything. She was holding her own ice cream and loved seeing all her new surroundings. It makes me so pumped about these trips! I found my favorite travel buddy ever.

There are so many beautiful places in Michigan, and we will most likely head back further up north later in the summer! Thanks for reading!

Love, Veronica and Grace

Lake Michigan, South Haven, MI
Sherman Dairy Bar ice cream break, South Haven, MI. Featured tee: Lullababy Wear.
Daddy and baby, Van Buren State Park, South Haven, MI. Featured tees on Grace and Richie: Lullababy Wear.
Blowing bubbles, South Haven, MI. Featured tee: Lullababy Wear.

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