Baseball time is here!

Richie and I FINALLY had a date night! Crazy right? We are constantly on different work schedule and take Grace with us everywhere when we do have time together. I can’t remember the last time we went to see a movie together, and we mostly talk bills and schedules when we are together.

We went to Opening Night for the Chicago Cubs, the defending 2016 World Series Champs! After a 108 year drought, I’m so proud of my team. I’ve been a fan for years and year, practically live at Wrigley Field and dealt with neigh sayers for years (it’s damaged friendships, really.) I even spent more than I’m proud to admit to go the Game 5 of the World Series. Grace has also been to numerous games with us, but that toddler age and the wiggles made it tough more recently.

After a storm, which caused a rain delay, we watched as they raised the championship banner! It felt amazing to see my Cubbies again on the field, plus I got to spend some quality time with my man. Sometimes I just need a little glimpse of our life before our little one to really appreciate him. Though, believe me, I wouldn’t trade our life for anything.

On another note, Seattle and Portland are just around the corner. Any suggestions for must-sees in that area?


Love, Veronica & Grace

P.S. GO CUBS GO! #thatscub

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