Let them be messy

My little one has never been one for messes. She’s always helped up put away dirty clothes, sort the laundry, throwing away her own garbage and waiting for us to wipe her hands if something is on them.

She’s ideal, right? What toddler loves to clean?

Yesterday, we went outside to take our Brand Rep bow photographs after it had rained the previous day. Since we puddle a lot on our block, it wasn’t long until we were cut off by a big, dirty puddle.

Grace was scared. She didn’t want to walk through it.

She’s just a little kid, but doesn’t know how to get dirty. So I showed her how to splash. Game over. I had to drag her in the house after 20-30 minutes of splashing. She was soaking wet, dirt splashes on her shirt and a big smile on her face. If I wasn’t concerned she would get sick, I would have let her play longer.

So my advice: LET THEM GET DIRTY! They are only little once. My house is a mess, I sometimes go days wearing just pajamas, sometimes she has food stuck in her hair, but we are happy! I’ve met so many adults who have judged my home because it wasn’t “presentable” all of the time, but I stopped caring. They can waste their days caring too much about appearance that they forget people live here and make messes.

I’ll never forget I taught her that day that life is messy, fun and worth jumping into the puddle for.



Veronica & Grace

Outfit of the Post: Tee: Moots Clothing (Code MOOTSFRIEND), Bow: Sparkle and Prim, Black Moccasins: Duke and Duchess Boutique (on Instagram), Leggings: Cat & Jack (Target)

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