Preparing for a girls’ weekend! (YES!)

Sometimes a mommy just needs a break. Between work, Elmo videos, doctors appointments and just being a mommy, a girl needs a weekend! I’m so lucky my husband is supportive of me pressing the recharge button.

I will be heading out for a few days for a weekend of fun and relaxation with one of my good friends to NEW ORLEANS! It’s been a place on my bucket list for a long time, so I’m excited to see NOLA the way it was meant to be seen. I will be taking Grace back when we continue our 50 state bucket list (that I am nicknaming “Grace across the states” so keep a look out for that hashtag!)

I am fully supportive of all moms needing SOMETHING to make them feel like people, whether it’s a hobby, spa day or just getting your brows done (the struggle is real.) I loveeeee being a mom to my princess, but sometimes she grinds me to the core with her sass, pickiness, etc. In order to be better moms, we need to make sure we are well charged and our best selves!

I can’t wait to take on this adventure with my friend! Expect a full post, full of pictures and stories, after the trip. Until then, we would love to hear how you recharge. Comment below with your favorite way to get back to a 100% you! Also, any tips for my NOLA trip or suggestions on what to see would be amazing. Hope to hear from you all!


Veronica & Grace

Outfit: “GRL PWR” leotard from MootsClothing.. Code MOOTSFRIEND

One thought on “Preparing for a girls’ weekend! (YES!)

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  1. Girl….NOLA is amazing. Of course there is bourbon street if you are looking to party but during the day make sure to check out the architecture, the street musicians, the FOOD, the street markets and of course get some pastries!!! You’ll have a blast!


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